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Fairrer Samani Group is a consultancy for Information Technology (IT), strategy, and technology. Established in 1998, the firm evolves to reflect the rapidly changing technologies and approaches to business. The Fairrer Samani Group firm meets the needs of startups to medium enterprises with business intelligence and technology solutions to solve complex problems in Information Technology systems, strategic leadership, development, and scale globally. 

Fairrer Samani Group connects the dot and builds synergy globally in engineering innovation and business.

~ Christiana Jonas, Director of Business Development

FSG’s primary customers are Technology entrepreneurs and industry executives, Government Agencies, Universities, and school districts. The company has worked with a number of tech companies and universities, governmental agencies, international education institutes, UBTS, Apple, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems,  ITU, Downtown San Mateo Association, City of San Jose, Santa Clara County, and worldwide non-profits. The consultants work with client companies and stakeholders to solve specific development and innovation challenges. The AI process is a digital transformation (Twin Transformation) that is business + sustainable with the application of FSG4CQ and cloud computing.

  • Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, VR/AR adoption, Networks, and systems. 
    • DevOps / Automation
    • Cloud Implementation & Migration
    • Support & Maintenance
  • Data Analysis/Business Intelligence-strategic data collection and storage of data, Systems: productivity improvement, quality improvement assurance, and quality control. 
    • Infrasturce for Digital Assets
    • NFT development-Energy and Arts
    • Data Warehouse
    • Databased Business Insights & Analytics
    • Data Lake / Big Data
    • AI & Machine Learning
  • Business Development-Data Analysis, Training & Development-Professional and Academic, in Business and Engineering,  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Operations, and Entrepreneurship 
    • Organization: Executive leadership/Management, developing strategy, organizational planning, Business intelligence Insights.
    • Services for an effective ecosystem

Managing Director, Dr. Jeannice Fairrer Samani, MBA, CSM, Innovationalist, is an innovator and visionary for problem-solving with the client at the core to equip organizations with sustainable knowledge with data-based business intelligence to acquire capital investment, product development, scalability, and global expansion. Over 15 years of technology and business integration processes to develop and accelerate innovation is the proven track record of this Silicon Valley firm. An appointed and elected Board member who has held the chair position and finance & budget roles for organizations with $30M budgets.

Jeannice has the insightful ability to customize a systematic design approach that focuses on the issues that the organization wants to address. The interdisciplinary attributes of FSG cover a broad spectrum of research, technology development, the design that equips sustainable enterprise growth. She is an expert in integrating technology and business in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, and Blockchain applications.



Transforming Business with Data

Emerging Technologies: AI Building on a global ecosystem to boost societal and economic potentials

ITU Global Conference in Budapest, Hungary

AI-powered innovation is changing the way we live and the way SMEs work, according to Jeannice Fairrer Samani, Managing Director, Fairrer Samani Group. By 2020 more than 60 & organizations will be using AI in some form, driven by mega data, and boosting dexterity and digital frameworks in use cases as diverse as agriculture, manufacturing, transport, and education. Educating families and young people on AI is important to ensure that the technology is good for all.

Read the full article.

AI is Playing Games Click to view the presentation

Blockchain & Data

Many people are overloaded and overwhelmed with information and data with evolving technology. Businesses now have access to large amounts of feedback from internal and external sources. How do we make sense of all the information? Is the data reliable? How can we manage and utilize the data to impact business goals, visions, and missions?

Jeannice has consulted with startups, designed hackathons that address a challenge using blockchain, and mastered crafting blockchain-based solution development to address business problems. She has spoken on global stages speaking and educating about what blockchain is, the use of blockchain in Fin-Tech, and how it is an application to turn your information overload into robust and reliable data that you can use to meet the need for transparency.

Turning Information into Reliable Data: Tools and Techniques to Interpret, Organize, and Increase Reliable Business Results Click to listen to the podcast, Boot Camp Blockchain 101

Blockchain & Metaverse

The concept of the metaverse is one of the most revolutionary digital ideas to emerge in recent years. At its core, the metaverse is an interconnected virtual space made up of a variety of digital experiences. Blockchain technology is the building block that enables the metaverse to function. This blog post will explore how blockchain is the essential element of the metaverse, as well as what digital assets are and the differences between open and closed metaverses. Blockchain is the building block that enables the metaverse to exist. Without blockchain, the idea of a metaverse – a shared virtual space – would not be possible. Blockchain technology is the underlying foundation of the metaverse, providing security and trust between users in the digital world. Blockchain technology allows for the development of digital assets that can be traded, transferred, and used within the metaverse. It also allows for both open and closed metaverses to exist, providing users with different levels of privacy and control over their data. Without blockchain, the metaverse would not exist.

Jeannice is recognized as an expert in digital transformation. Creating the FW Meta for professional meetings, training, conferences, hackathons, knowledge exchange, and the global think tank.

Global Trade & Delegate 

Jeannice contends that with the right people, applying the right processes, using the right data, and working together to achieve shared success. The agile principle is a technology to solve a flaw in an inclusive strategic planning process —new product development that inclusive diversity of the organization’s resources.


Jeannice Fairrer Samani’s leadership has conducted business in the following countries; Algeria, Budapest, Egypt, Curaçao, Dubai, Germany, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Switzerland, and South Africa.


Kazakhstan Cultural Immersion and Embassy

Dr. Jeannice is an inspiration! She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and supported me every step of the way. She has helped me to achieve great heights. She is a strong leader but gives attention to everyone’s input. I am privileged to have crossed paths with Dr Jeannice and am looking forward to learning from her even more. She is an awesome mentor!

Amanda Calitz, South Africa, TechWomen Alumni


Fifth Wave STEaM Education Initiative

We’re on the horizon of something truly amazing! Digital information permeates all aspects of education and careers. Fifth Wave was developed to meet the need for education in corporations, and government agencies, and be an extension of formal education. Fifth Wave’s holistic approach meets the customer where they are in their adaptation to technology. The Fifth Wave Hackathons are designed to solve complex problems in organizations and communities. The aim is to combine and transform them into something useful and meaningful to all communities and societal challenges.

This epic knowledge transfer in training and development uses technology and design competencies that are culturally inclusive in on-site and virtual seminars and coming soon an on-demand platform. The Fifth Wave was established in 2018. The clients are global; Akademic3, and Digitial Educator South Africa, Silicon Valley, Franklin McKinely School District, STEM Week, where we reached 850 students, Global Blockchain Hackathon, Ecorse Public Schools, Grandport Academy, Cristo Rey High School.

NYU School of Engineering, Keynote speaker and panel moderator

Dr. Samani’s vast experience in and knowledge of STEM is paralleled by her advocacy and innovation in bringing STEM to underrepresented communities. She has a track record of national and international service to others and is also a key mentor in my journey as an educator.
-Ashwin Kumar, MEd

Publications of Good Works: Equipping Entrepreneurs

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