Jeannice Samani
Executive Leader

Fairrer Samani Group, LLC is a global think tank for startups to medium enterprises. The founder Dr. Jeannice Fairrer Samani, MBA vision is to equip organizations with sustainable knowledge to acquire capital investment, research and develop product, scale, and thrive in global markets. Over 15 years of technology and business integration processes to develop and accelerate innovation is the proven track record of this Silicon Valley firm.

Continuing to connect the dot and build synergy globally in engineering innovation and business. Established in 1998, the name has evolved to reflect the rapidly changing technology to information eras. FSG was founded by Dr. Jeannice Fairrer Samani, MBA, MDE, CSM. The company has worked with tech companies such as, Sun Micro Systems, Apple, Cisco Systems, governmental agencies Downtown San Mateo Association, City of San Jose, and Santa Clara County, and world-wide non-profits. The customized systematic design approach provides the laser focus on the issues that the organization wants to address. The interdisciplinary attributes of FSG cover a broad spectrum of research, technology development, design that equips enterprise sustainable growth. We believe in order to achieve this we must take a 360 degree approach to practice that involves everything from design research, new curriculum, re-envisioning working environments, sustainable development and designing for restorative justice practices.

“I am blessed to be a part of The Fifth Wave STEaM Initiative, and organization which brings cutting edge learning techniques and technology to application-oriented mathematics, sciences, and art.”
– Grant Thomas, JD
Fifth Wave Board Member

Current Projects

Fifth Wave STEaM

A Farrier Samani Group Initiative

Our Student-centered model inspires, encourages, and creates self-motivating learning that uses their passion to galvanize long-life learning and transfer the learning methods to the classroom.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide underrepresented youth a stimulating holistic learning environment that galvanizes interest and belonging in science and technology.

5 Innovation Methodologies

  • Customer-centered: Design Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Agile Innovation
  • Makerspace
  • Technovation AI

5 Opportunities for Innovation

  • KWCI Summer Regional Camp/Cristo Rey Summer Camp
  • Innovation Summits (6-12TH grade)
  • Fifth Wave Biotech Bridge (9-12th grade)
  • Fifth Wave after school program (6-12th grade)
  • Fifth Wave STEM Mentorship Program

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Dr. Samani is innovative, shares her vision, and delegates responsibly and works collaboratively with teams to create value add products to contribute to the needs of people. She has many leadership strengths, including shared vision, which she exemplifies in all of her work.
-Camille Eddy

AI for ALL? Building on a global ecosystem to boost societal and economic potentials


AI-powered innovation is changing the way we live and the way SMEs work, according to Jeannice Fairrer Samani, Managing Director, Fairrer Samani Group, LLC. By 2020 more than 60& of organizations will be using AI in some form, driven by mega data, and boosting dexterity and digital frameworks in use cases as diverse as agriculture, manufacturing, transport and education. Educating families and young people on AI is important to ensure that the technology is both good and really for all.

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Jeannice traveled as a delegate for the U.S. Department of State Mentor to the following countries Kazakhstan, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Jordan, South Africa, Nigeria

Kazakhstan: at the Marden Coworking Centre, the delegation met with the Youth Entrepreneurs Club in Astana and the businesswomen’s association to discuss the importance of girls pursuing an education in science and technology and promoting women into leadership positions. Jeannice Farrier Samani, an exercise to demonstrate design thinking.

Morocco: Mentor Jeannice Fairrer Samani led a science lesson and conversed with the students about environmental science, civil engineering, innovative design thinking, and their potential to impact society in beneficial ways.

Presentation: Public Administration in Curaçao

Jeannice Samani Course Hero Lecture: Integrated Learning


Jeannice Fairrer Samani, MBA
Lecturer of School of Engineering, Santa Clara University

PhD in Business Administration; MA in City and Regional Planning-Transportation-Economic Development; BA in Political Economy/City and Regional Planning; doctorate and post-doctorate in Advanced Leadership, Python, Management, Technology, Strategic Management

Dr. Jeannice Samani, Course Hero: Thank you. Wow. What a warm welcome. Thank you so much. I would like to share with you today a bit about integrated learning. It sounds rather, “Hmm…” You take a pause, “Now, exactly what is that?” I’m going to reach out to you to give me a little bit of feedback, and I’ve got my pen here so I can take notes. But we have it [as] live feed and recorded, so we’ll have a history of development around this topic. It’s quite exciting.

It will be engaging. However, I’m going to speak to some key points which I hope that you can use in your industry, in your offices, as well as [when] you begin to build out curriculum and context around education to elevate, if you will, our learners that we’re reaching out to. Is that all right?

Audience: [Crosstalk.]

Samani: OK, awesome. Again, it’s a pleasure to be here. I’m speaking on this incredible topic—very broad topic. I honed in on innovation because I truly believe that we can incredibly rock this valley, Silicon Valley. Rock in development and processes, if you will, on product development, as well as looking at educational tools, if we focus on innovation because innovation can take on a form that is a design directive as well as an individual directive.

We’re going to talk about innovation. Many campuses around the world are actually looking at climate. It’s interesting. Climate checks, as far as exactly how are the universities doing. I’m coming from definitely a higher-ed perspective here, but we’re thinking about … it’s very commonplace, and we’re thinking about exactly how these students are learning. Are they learning? Are they prepared to go into industry? What are some of their pain points as they’re getting their education? Are the faculty and staff happy?

What a concept. Because if faculty and staff are not happy, they can’t teach the students. The students automatically feel, “Something’s not right here.” Therefore, there’s some resistance—there’s a lack of connection, there’s a lack of belonging—as a student on college campuses. Hence, we’ve had some crises, yes, on these college campuses.

So it came to me as an epiphany, as I’m teaching, that I’m really integrating everything that I know from a business perspective as well as an engineering perspective. I thank you again for the opportunity of putting some of my practice on paper and to share that with you.

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Dr. Samani’s vast experience in and knowledge of STEM is paralleled by her advocacy and innovation in bringing STEM to underrepresented communities. She has a track record of national and international service to others and is also a key mentor in my journey as an educator.
-Ashwin Kumar, MEd

Good Works: Equipping Entrepreneurs